Kajin Sara Lake in Nepal – World’s Highest Lake

Kajin Sara Lake in Nepal is likely to become the world’s highest lake. The location of this lake is in Chame Rural Municipality of Manang District (Nepal).

Kajin Sara Lake
Kajin Sara Lake

A group of mountaineers discovered the lake recently. So, all the data and facts are according to them and the Chairman of Chame Rural Municipality Lokendra Ghale.

According to them, this lake will replace The Tilicho lake as the World’s highest lake.

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About Kajin Sara Lake

Kajin Sara Lake map
Kajin Sara Lake on Map
  • Kajin Sara lake is a new lake for the world. In other words, 2020 is the birth year of this lake.
  • After official verification, the Lake will be the World’s Highest lake. Because according to local sources the lake is as high as 5200 meters.
  • This lake is around 1500 m long and 600 m wide.
  • Kajin Sara Lake is located in the Manang district of Nepal Country. Interestingly, the Manang district is the location of the Tilicho lake too.
  • The exact location of the lake is Singarkharka. as a result, Singar is the local name of this lake.

The Tilicho – World’s highest Lake

Tilicho lake
Tilicho lake

The Tilicho lake is at the height of 4919 meters and is designated as the World’s highest lake. After the discovery of Kajin Sara Lake, this will become the second-highest lake on Earth.

Both the lakes are situated in the Manang district of Nepal. The Tilicho lake’s length is 4 km and the width is 1.2 km i.e. 1200 m.

In conclusion, we hope that the official verification as the highest lake in the World comes soon. meanwhile, some activities such as hiking and trekking have already been started at the lake.

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