What is the salary of IAS Officer (7th Pay Commission)

Salary of IAS Officer is never the reason behind becoming an IAS officer. Because there are a lot of other perks and most importantly, the willingness to work for the public.

Many of You also want to know that How to become an IAS officer. Well, for that you need to qualify for the Civil Services Examination held every year. UPSC is a constitutional body that takes the IAS Exam.

Now lets come to the main focus of this article – Salary of IAS Officer.

The salary of an IAS Officer is not that much as compared to their hard work i.e. equal to any central government-grade A officer.

In other words, As per the 7th Pay Commission, the basic pay of an IAS Officer starts with Rs. 56,100 and can go up to Rs. 2,50,000.

Every other allowance such as HRA, TA, DA, etc. is calculated on the basic salary.

Basic Salary of IAS Officer after 7th Pay Commission

IAS Officer Salary Pay Matrix

The above table shows the Pay level and Pay Grade with Basic Pay of any central government employee.

IAS Officer Starts his journey from Pay Level 10 (Grade Pay 5400 & Basic Pay Rs. 56,100). The highest Basic Pay that an IAS Officer can earn is Rs. 2,50,000 which is at Pay Level 18.

In any government service, the Pay level increases with promotions and that depends on the performance of the employee. but, IAS Officer, or rather say All India Services has fixed promotion time. In other words, an IAS Officer gets his promotion within a fixed time period.

Now let’s see what all are the post that an IAS Officer can achieve in his entire service.

10Junior Time Scale1 – 4SDM/ Under Secretary/ Assistant Secretary56,100
11Senior Time Scale5 – 8ADM/ Dy. Secretary/ Under Secretary67,700
12Junior Administrative Grade9 – 12DM/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary78,800
13Selection Grade13 – 16DM/ Special Secretary cum Director/ Director1,18,500
14Senior Administrative Grade17 – 24Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary cum commissioner/ Joint Secretary1,44,200
15Higher time Scale25 – 30Divisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/ Additional Secretary1,82,200
16Higher time Scale30 – 33None/ Additional Chief Secretary/ None2,05,400
17Apex Scale34 – 36None/ Chief Secretary/ Secretary2,25,000
18Cabinet Secretary Grade37+None/ None/ Cabinet Secretary of India2,50,000

Please note that the posts given above depend on the government of the State or Center.

Now let’s understand the Total Gross Salary of IAS Officer.

Total Salary, Other Perks & Allowances

below are some of perks and allowances that an IAS Officer gets-

  • Either Official residence or House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • DA on TA
  • Security and Working Staffs such as cook, etc.
  • Official vehicle
  • Electricity and Telephone allowances
  • Medical Expenses
  • Option for taking study leave
  • Pension and other benefits.

HRA of IAS depends on the city he/she has posted (24%, 16%, and 8% ). DA keeps changing from time to time. TA is fixed but there is a Dearness allowance on TA also so that it can keep a check on inflation rates.

An IAS Officer also gets Security and other Working staff such as personal secretary, cook, driver, etc.

Earlier the official vehicle of the IAS officer used to have the RED Beacon. but, that rule has changed now.

Finally, the take-home salary of an IAS officer is around 67,000 if don’t take HRA.

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